Friday, February 5

Dr. Gangrene Presents #16 - Doll in Brambles

This is a fun episode! A young Darren McGavin stars as Fred, who has come to France to help his friend Louis. Seems Louis has run afoul of a witch named Madame Tirelou, who has placed a curse on him to keep him away from her daughter Marie. From a TV program called Witchcraft in 1961.

Thursday, February 4

Dr. Gangrene Presents #15 - THE HAUNTING

This episode is a spooky little tale about a man who leaves his friend to die in a skiing accident, after suspecting him of cheating with his fiance. However, his friend's ghost returns to visit him on his wedding day... starring Ronald Howard, Christine White. Look for a very young Veronica Cartwright playing the role of Gillian. From an episode of ONE STEP BEYOND, 1960.

Thursday, January 28

The Haunted Palace

It's Thursday, and that means new video time!
This week I present Episode 55 of THE FANTASTIC FILMS OF VINCENT PRICE looking at one of my favorite Price films - THE HAUNTED PALACE:

In this episode Dr. Gangrene takes a look at the Roger Corman film The Haunted Palace, based on the H.P. Lovecraft story THE CASE OF CHARLES DEXTER WARD. Price plays two roles in this one, Charles Dexter Ward and his evil ancestor, the warlock Joseph Curwin. Excellent film, highly recommended. About this series: Dr. Gangrene, Physician of Fright and Award-winning Nashville-based TV Horror Host (aka writer/film historian Larry Underwood) explores the films of the merchant of menace, Vincent Price, in chronological order from first to last, approaching them from a scholarly perspective, offering commentary, review and criticism.

Tuesday, January 26

Interview with Jon Mikl Thor - The Metal Morgue

Today I thought I'd share with you an episode of a short-lived interview series I did called THE METAL MORGUE, recorded in 2011. This originally ran in the podcast 6ftplus, but I have since added video and photos to go along with the interview. It features an interview with actor/musician/body builder Jon Mikl Thor talking about filming the 1980's heavy metal classic ROCK N ROLL NIGHTMARE, behind the scenes stories from that shoot, his music career, and more. Recorded in 2011.

To find out more about Thor visit his official website at, and tell him Dr. Gangrene sent ya!

Saturday, January 23

Dr. Gangrene hosts DREAMSCAPE

Dr. Gangrene's Creature Feature from October 29, 2005. The film was DREAMSCAPE. Shot live on location at the NASHVILLE COMIC AND HORROR FESTIVAL. Includes interviews with Michael Berryman and Robert Z'Dar. These are the segments, recorded off the air, I left a few commercials in place just for flavor. Cast includes Doc Gangrene, Nurse Moan-eek, and Lump.

Friday, January 22

Shackle Island Slammed by Snow

Not sure what I did to piss Old Man Winter off, but he struck with a vengeance today...

Letter to Vincent Price from actor Mark Damon

OK here is something really cool. This sold on auction back in 2007 for just under $400. It is a letter to Vincent Price from his costar Mark Damon. The two actors appeared together in HOUSE OF USHER in 1960. He thanks Vincent for his kindness and professionalism. Very neat letter, glad that it was preserved for posterity. Click to enlarge and read it...

Thursday, January 21

Scary Monsters #100 - End of an Era

I got my advance copies of SCARY MONSTERS MAGAZINE #100 in the mail last night, and it was a bitter sweet event. Congratulations to publisher Dennis Druktenis on reaching this milestone issue. 100 issues of any publication in today's market is an outstanding achievement, and Dennis has made a magazine that was a true labor of love. This will be on newsstands soon, so be sure to grab a copy for yourself, as this will be the final issue of the current incarnation of "The Only Real Monster Magazine!"

The Fantastic Films of Vincent Price checklist

Have you guys been keeping up with THE FANTASTIC FILMS OF VINCENT PRICE series I've been hosting? Below is a link to every episode so far, broken down by decade. 54 episodes and counting (next week's episode is THE HAUNTED PALACE).

Click the links below to catch up on any you might have missed!

Episode 1 - Service de Luxe
Episode 2 - Tower of London/Eliz & Essex
Episode 3 - The Invisible Man Returns
Episode 4 - The House of Seven Gables
Episode 5 - Green Hell
Episode 6 - Brigham Young/Hudson's Bay
Episode 7 - The Song of Bernadette
Episode 8 - The Eve of St. Mark
Episode 9 - Laura
Episode 10 - The Keys of the Kingdom
Episode 11 - A Royal Scandal/Wilson
Episode 12 - Leave Her to Heaven
Episode 13 - Shock
Episode 14 - Dragonwyck
Episode 15 - Moss Rose
Episode 16 - The Web
Episode 17 - The Long Night
Episode 18 - Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein/Up in Central Park
Episode 19 - Rogues' Regiment
Episode 20 - The Three Musketeers
Episode 21 - The Bribe
Episode 22 - Bagdad

Episode 23 - The Baron of Arizona
Episode 24 - Champagne for Caesar
Episode 25 - Curtain Call at Cactus Creek
Episode 26 - Adventures of Captain Fabian
Episode 27 - His Kind of Woman
Episode 28 - The Las Vegas Story
Episode 29 - House of Wax
Episode 30 - Dangerous Mission
Episode 31 - Casanova's Big Night
Episode 32 - The Mad Magician
Episode 33 - Son of Sinbad
Episode 34 - Serenade
Episode 35 - While the City Sleeps
Episode 36 - The Ten Commandments
Episode 37 - The Story of Mankind
Episode 38 - The Fly
Episode 39 - House on Haunted Hill
Episode 40 - The Big Circus
Episode 41 - Return of the Fly
Episode 42 - The Tingler
Episode 43 - The Bat

Episode 44 - House of Usher
Episode 45 - Master of the World
Episode 46 - The Pit and the Pendulum
Episode 47 - Convicts 4
Episode 48 - Confessions of an Opium Eater
Episode 49 - Tales of Terror
Episode 50 - Tower of London
Episode 51 - The Raven
Episode 52 - Diary of a Madman
Episode 53 - Rage of the Buccaneers
Episode 54 - Beach Party

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